Making Money Blogging

There is a lot of crap websites out there telling you how to make money blogging and most are complete bullpucky. However Caroline Middlebook is one of the most honest make-money-blogging-sites I have some across.

Now I am pretty sure that most of the site I come across saying they make $100,000 (US) dollars a year are bull, but Caroline posts her earnings each month and the readership so this is great stat information for you to understand what it takes to earn a living on line, and who doesn’t dream of being able to blog from St Lucia each day.

caroline Making Money Blogging

The first take away is that adsense is not a strategy, is a distraction from doing what you need to do.

Afflitate income needs to be targeted such as blog hosting and WordPress themes, but the real cash cow is digital IP (intellectual property).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I also like Caroline. I think that people like to see what you earn in order to believe that you can help them achieve the same results. However, most people don’t follow the advice you give. IMHO, the main reason for the lack of results is the lack of action.

  2. Making money on blogs is exciting and opens a whole oppurtunity in making money at home. I do make money on may 5 blogs about health and medicine.

  3. I want to be a succesful online Marketier someday,thats why i really do my best visiting some site that truly can help to build more idea on how to make money on blogging.Ofcourse,i would be a patient on doing step by step process so that i can win what i want in online business..tnx for this blog!gl