Problogger The Beginnings

I like reading about Bloggers and their path to minor stardom and more importantly making a living being a blogger. For everyone who claims to make $100,000 or more (US) blogging, I believe there are actually far fewer people making fantastic living doing independent blogging. When I say independent, I mean people who have developed their business themselves and not by getting $30M in VC funding.

Darren Rowse shares his journey on how he became a problogger:

By mid December of 2004 we had pretty much decided that 2005 would see me go full time as a blogger. I’d already ditched most of my warehousing work as the earnings had continued to rise over the month or so before and the grant for my church work was going to run out early in February 2005 (we transitioned leadership of the church to more of a team thing which I still lead voluntarily).

His golden rules for blogging are:

  • Blogging for an income takes time
  • One Step at a Time
  • Hard Work and Discipline
  • Follow your Dreams

You can read the rest here.

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