Mission, Vision and Other Fancy Words

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We are constantly thinking about what we are doing with our other web properties, but we never have had an issue with Blue Cow. It’s job is to bring together people who want a hosted WordPress solution (because of the flexibility it delivers) but also want to know the people that are helping them host will not leave them hanging in the wind and do actually know how to make wordpress work for them.

The reason we started Blue Cow was because we kept coming across people who want the flexibility of a hosted wordpress solution, but came up against a brick wall working with other hosted service providers who don’t focus on the application but the hosting bits and bytes.

And herein is the sermon for today. You really need to think what you want to and be able to commit it to one or two paragraphs.

Once you do that, it becomes a lot easier to make other decisions.

Herein endth the lesson and we will now provide some linkth goodnessth to the Pajama Professional. Sara has a series on good content and focus.

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