DoFollow Lists

Here is the list of Do Follow Lists. If you have a do follow blog you want to list, please add in comments.

Untwisted Vortex

Feverish Thoughts

Courtney Tuttle

Comment Luv – Not strictly Do Follow but designed to give link goodness

Do Follow Movement

InLine SEO

Do Follow Blogs Directory

Nickoo Shore

Do Follow Websites

Do follow websites will give you Google PR goodness. If you need a primer on Page Ranking and what the number means next to the site read this here.  We have checked these as of Apr 3rd and these are the current rankings. You should still comment on no PR sites because they eventually will have PR that you can enjoy.

Here is our list of Do Follow Sites that we have verified (40):

Pyjama Professional PR 2

Turning Cats Into Lions PR 3

Blogjer – Technology at a Glance – PR  3

Chris Hoyt – PR 2

Community Spark – No PR

Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind – PR 2

Fight Against Net – PR 2

Guitar Licks and Tips – PR 1

Her Family Blog– PR 2

Pei Profit – PR 3

Ramblings of an Unknown – no PR

Revellian – no PR

Running Over 50 – PR 3

Tip Tail – no PR

Tech News Line – PR 2

Ninja Geek – PR 2

Steve Wilson – no PR

Widgets for Free – PR 4

Uncommon Photographers – PR 5

Kiwibloke – PR 2

Focus Organic – PR 4

Kiwi Music Mix – PR 2

Curious Cat – PR 3

Web Log Tools – PR 4

LayerCake – PR 4

Frog Blog – PR 5

Got No Dough – no PR

A Load of Bullshit – no PR

Wassup Blog – PR 3

BlogSire – no PR

Whats your point of view – no PR

Small Business Website Marketing – PR 2

Best of Stupid – no PR

Brussels by Photo Lens – no PR

Paris by Photo Lens – no PR

Photo People of the World – no PR

The Photo Guru – no PR

Photo Me Silly – no PR

Simple Photos – no PR

Tahi – Photoblogging World – no PR

Feverish Thoughts – PR 3 (turns on after 4 comments)


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