Multiple Comments Multiple Content SEO Problem

WordPress 2.7 introduced a new feature that better manages multiple numerous comments on a post. They created multiple pages to delineate the comments. Below is an example:

However there is a problem with this, Google will look at this as multiple pages with duplicate content. And as we talked about here, that is behaviour that can get you penalized.

However there is a plugin that will put an extract on each of the subsequent comment pages. “It is in the repository under SEO for paged comments”.

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  1. Interesting, wordpress’ biggest weakness in terms of marketability is its dupe content issues, the catagories on the right, the dates there, the read more of this post link all often send the search engine spider round in circles picking up on duplicate content. Clever use of nofollow can give you some assistance here but I think that a plugin taking care of it all would be amazingly helpful.