Part 2 – Gaining A Better Understanding of Page Rank

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I want to spend some time better understanding page rank before we move onto how to make your site PR friendly. In the first article we discussed what Page Rank was and where it came from. We tried to make it a primer, but there was still some confusion, so lets break it down further.

  • A website has a maximum amount of PageRank that is distributed between its pages by internal links.
  • The maximum amount of PageRank in a site increases as the number of pages in the site increases.

These first two rules are important. Your internal site rank is based upto a point on the amount of quality content you have on your site, but there is a maximum amount of PR you can have.

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Multiple Comments Multiple Content SEO Problem

WordPress 2.7 introduced a new feature that better manages multiple numerous comments on a post. They created multiple pages to delineate the comments. Below is an example:

However there is a problem with this, Google will look at this as multiple pages with duplicate content. And as we talked about here, that is behaviour that can get you penalized.

However there is a plugin that will put an extract on each of the subsequent comment pages. “It is in the repository under SEO for paged comments”.

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