WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of WordPress Plugins we maintain:

Date Exclusion SEO – Gives your blog a feeling of freshness by turning off the display of date information after a specified number of days or immediately after posting. Also removes it from search engines. Exclusion of date information can be set by default in the plugin file and/or manually for each post. This has been updated to add the ability to remove dates from the category and tag pages as well as the front page.

Flickr PhotoStream Widget – Rather than linking to the authors profile, this widget modifies the link to connect to the authors flickr photostream. This was designed for photoblogs that have multiple authors/photographers.
If the Shadowbox JS plugin is install the Flickr Photostream is rendered in a Lightbox, otherwise it will goto the flickr website. Uses the Yahoo IM account if in user profile, otherwise uses nickname.

Flickr Post Magic Beta –  This plugin is our largest project ever. It takes Flickr integration to the next level. Using WordPress you will have much greater control on how your Flickr Postings occur on your WordPress Blog. It includes two way token authentication. This plugin is currently in beta.

Google API Search Beta – We spent a lot of time looking for a really good Google search integration tool for WordPress and pretty much failed. That being said we are developing a plugin that replaces the existing WordPress Search with Google Search for your blog. This plugin is current in beta.

Flickr Comment Magic Beta – This plugin provides the ability to synchronize comments made on flickr for a given photo to be added to your WordPress blog.

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